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  • Blood is donated as Whole Blood (WB)
  • Blood can be stored as WHOLE BLOOD, or, much more usefully processed to packed red blood cells in which about 70-90% of the plasma has been removed. this is done by centrifuging the unit of blood.
  • The top layer after centrifugation, i.e. platelet rich plasma (PRP), is expressed into a satellite bag, leaving PACKED RED BLOOD CELLS (PC) in the primary bag.
  • The platelet rich plasma is centrifuged a second time to separate the PLATELET CONCENTRATE (PLC) at the bottom of the bag. The supernatant plasma is expressed into a third bag and stored as FRESH FROZEN PLASMA (FFP).
  • Some clotting factors from FFP may be separated out as CRYOPRECIPITATE when required for specific conditions.
  • A single donation of whole blood supplies three separate components (packed red blood cells, platelet concentrate and fresh frozen plasma) that are used to treat three different patients.
  • Besides separation into components each unit of blood undergoes a battery of tests to ensure that it is free from infections that can be transmitted through blood. These tests are for HIV, I&II, HBsAg, HCV, HBcAb, Malaria, VDRL. Only units negative for all these tests are taken forward to be used for patients.

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